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Plant manufacturer offers customers virtual commissioning, maintenance or training worldwide

Schwing Technologies is expanding its digital customer service: instead of traveling around the world, Veit Straubinger, deputy head of After Sales Services, is now maintaining contact with customers remotely via video call. There is usually a short time between making an appointment and commissioning or servicing of the thermal cleaning systems. Repairs are carried out within hours. In addition to commissioning, maintenance and repairs, the new online customer service for the company’s systems also includes training, acceptance and other services. When selecting the software, Schwing focuses above all on German and certified quality, tested servers and DSGVO-compliant data security.

Online commissioning process
Worldwide, commissioning of thermal vacuum pyrolysis systems is currently in demand at Schwing. “If customers request it, we fly to wherever it is currently possible,” explains Straubinger, emphasizing, “We offer our online service to all other customers.” The video-assisted commissioning is spread over two days: meanwhile, customers are connected by the hour via mobile terminal. “After only two days, a startup is fully implemented and completed,” Straubinger says. Usually, the team first starts with a plant inspection and vacuum test. This is followed by programming of the control system (PLC). Straubinger: “Then the actual cleaning process begins. Our customers carry out an initial test cleaning – it runs overnight. Afterwards, the process data evaluation takes place via PLC download.” If everything runs smoothly, the final operator training takes place, the expert adds. Customers can book time quotas for this service or order the service on an hourly basis.

Digital network and suitable end devices
To be able to use Schwing’s online service, customers need good and stable internet access, “at least 3G, better yet 4G or a good WLAN,” Straubinger points out. Smartphones, tablets or notebooks are usable end devices – VR glasses can also be used in the future. The team is continuously gaining experience in this area. There is no need for special qualifications by the customer, “but in the case of complicated issues, electrical engineering training is desirable.” In many cases, Schwing cooperates with its international representatives on site for remote service. “They are familiar with our systems, have experience and can carry out instructions quickly and safely,” reports Straubinger.

Safeguarding production and increasing downtime
Often, he says, the first steps have already been worked through by representatives and customers “before I contact our customers online for the first time. That saves a lot of time,” says Straubinger. In addition to speed, the new online service offers a number of other customer benefits: Travel times are eliminated, response times are shortened, and support can be made much more flexible. “All this pays off for our customers and contributes to safeguarding production and increasing downtimes,” Straubinger confirms. Schwing customers have come to appreciate this very much. “With our new remote service, we have also launched another digital building block for Industry 4.0 at SCHWING,” Straubinger concludes.

Veit Straubinger, Deputy Head of After Sales Services at Schwing Technologies, now supports commissioning of thermal cleaning systems remotely via video call. In addition to speed, the new online service scores with a number of other customer benefits: Response times can be shortened, services can be designed more flexibly, production processes can be secured and downtimes can be increased.