Post-Treatment Equipment

Although the thermal cleaning systems from SCHWING remove all organic contamination, inorganic residues may remain on the components to be cleaned. They are removed from parts and tooling reliably with a special posttreatment.

Depending on the degree of contamination and the material to be cleaned, post-treatment may be in the form of compressed air, immersion in an ultrasonic bath, chemical treatment, high-pressure spraying with water, or abrasive blasting. SCHWING has effective post-treatment processes available and carefully matches them to the tooling and cleaning process.

Ultrasonic Cleaners

High-value components can be cleaned of remaining inorganic residual contamination via ultrasonic bath. The advantage of this technology is that it can reach difficult to access areas, making the dismantling of the parts often unnecessary. For this reason the after-treatment with ultrasonic is the right choice for many small or sensitive components.

Chemical cleaning detergents are used to remove oil and grease residues. Chemical post-treatment can be combined with ultrasonic treatment by adding the detergents to the liquid bath medium.

High-Pressure Cleaning Equipment

SCHWING offers high-pressure follow-up cleaning processes with water and air. Both are suited for removing residues from components – or with the fluidized bed system InnovaClean – to remove THERMCLEAN sand.

Blasting Systems

SCHWING offers different blasting media for surface treatment via blasting. They can be selected according to the surface condition and the desired final result. Depending on the need, blasting media with additional hardening effect can also be used.

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