Pyrolysis Ovens

Pyrolysis Oven Systems for Process Tooling

SCHWING supplies environmentally and user friendly pyrolysis oven systems (“burn-off” or “heat cleaning” ovens) for removing plastics from especially large components and tooling. In four to eight hours, ovens completely remove all polymer residues in a single process step without impacting the tools mechanically or thermally. The precisely controlled and at any time reproducible cleaning process takes place in an externally gas-heated cleaning chamber with special hot air routing for the optimal distribution of the temperature.

  • Complete plastics removal in a single step
  • Reliable cleaning of large components and tooling
  • Effective environmentally friendly removal of plastics
  • Reduced production downtimes

Model 654 Pyrolysis Oven

Model 333 Pyrolysis Oven with Cart

Process Control

The process control system automatically monitors the development of low temperature carbonization gases and provides a short cleaning time. Ovens work without waste water and have a separate afterburner which completely burns the low temperature carbonization gases at over 1,500° F and discharges them via the chimney. The system is supplied including loading cart and exhaust air chimney.

Inorganic residues are removed using a select post-treatment method.

Operating Principle of SCHWING Pyrolysis Oven System

Compact Pyrolysis Ovens

COMPACTCLEAN is a small-size, user friendly pyrolysis oven which removes all plastics from small components and process tooling. In only three to five hours and without impacting the tools, Parts are cleaned at temperatures between 800° and 860° F in a gas-heated oxygen-reduced cleaning chamber. COMPACTCLEAN works without waste water and offers waste gas incineration compliant with official regulations.

Ideal of injection molding nozzles, needle shut-off nozzles, die plates, screw tips, filter discs, and static mixers.


Operating Principle for COMPACTCLEAN

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