Thermal Cleaning

Thermal Cleaning Systems for Metal Parts and Tooling

SCHWING Technologies offers advanced thermal cleaning technologies for the removal of polymers and organic contamination from metal parts and machine tooling of any type and size. Internationally, customers trust the application experience of SCHWING for over 50 years – whether using pyrolysis, thermal decomposition under vacuum, or thermal conversion in a fluidized bed.

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  • Polyolefins: PE, HDPE, PP, PB, EVA, EVOH
  • Polyesters: PET, PBT, PC, PTT, PEN
  • Polyamides: PA6, PA6.6, PA12, PPA
  • Halogenated Polymers: PVC, PTFE, PVDF
  • Polyacrylates: PAN, PBA, PMA, PMMA
  • Polystyrenes: PS, ABS, SB, SBS, SAN
  • Polysulfides: PPS, PSU, PES, PPSU
  • Biopolymers: PLA, PEA, PVAL, PPOX
  • Polyetherketones: PAE, PEK, PEEK
  • Polyimides: PI, PBI, PEI, PBO, PMI
  • Polyurethanes: PUR, TPA, TPO, TPU, Spandex
  • Special Polymers: LCP, POM, BR, NBR
  • Your specific polymer: …

Cleaning solutions for the plastics, fiber, and nonwovens industries:

VacuClean Pyrolysis System

Highly efficient vacuum pyrolysis system for the particularly gentle cleaning of metal tools, mold and machine parts

  • Intelligent and safe
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Perfectly clean (or complete plastics removal)
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InnovaClean Fluidized Bed System

Fluidized bed cleaning system for fast and complete removal of ALL plastics including halogenated polymers and paints

  • Quick turnaround
  • High flexibility
  • Optional afterburner and off-gas scrubber
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Pyrolysis Ovens

Burn-off ovens for the removal of polymer, plastic, and paint from especially large components and heavy loads

  • Large amount of polymer
  • Automatic process control
  • Suitable for most polymers
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Post-Treatment Equipment

Special process solutions to carefully and reliably remove inorganic residues that may remain on the products to be cleaned

  • Ultrasonic cleaners
  • High-pressure cleaning systems
  • Abrasive blasting systems
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Equipment peripherals and accessories for thermal cleaning systems

  • Loading baskets, tables, and racks
  • Chimney elements
  • Quality inspection systems
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Blown Film

Gentle cleaning of extrusion dies is an important factor for high-quality film production. Depending on the type of the polymer and size or geometry of the extrusion components, cleaning can be performed without requiring disassembly. Cleaning systems remove all polymer and eliminate risk of thermal or mechanical damage, ensuring a long lifetime for dies and production tooling.


Cleaning of spinning beams or die plates, which are frequently several meters long, requires a very delicate cleaning process, due to the extremely fine die holes and features. SCHWING thermal cleaning systems heat up the tooling slowly and gently, whereas a big portion of the cold polymer inside and outside will melt and flow out. Proper cleaning of the die plate by means of controlled pyrolysis and oxidation under a vacuum atmosphere.


The repeatable cleaning of complete spin packs, spinnerets, and spin nozzles is important for fiber production, as this not only ensures a proper production process, but also a long lifetime for these key production components. Depending on the type of polymer (PE, PET, PA, PP, Spandex) and the design of the spin pack, they can be cleaned without requiring disassembly. Other components in the fiber production such as extrusion screws, melt pumps, etc. can also be cleaned using a cleaning system.


Perfect and highly efficient cleaning is critical for polymer or masterbatch production components. Typical parts are pelletizing dies, die plates, breaker plates, screen changers, and other tooling. SCHWING offers the best and preferred thermal cleaning process for each polymer (including PEEK and PVC).

Injection Molding

The very long internal flow channels of hot runner manifolds and injection molding nozzles require periodic cleaning and maintenance. Manual cleaning is sometimes impossible. SCHWING offers optimal thermal cleaning methods for any hot runner size or geometry. The advantages of these systems are their excellent cleaning quality within very short cleaning periods, suitability even for glass fiber-reinforced materials, and cleaning technology that is easy on materials and the environment.


Cleaning of filters from an important cost and quality factor in extrusion, recycling, and polymer production. Depending on the type of polymer and the design of the filter screen, cleaning of multiple and assembled filters is possible. Polymers are removed in a single process, then inorganic remnants are removed using a select posttreatment method (high water pressure or ultrasonic cleaner). SCHWING cleaning systems eliminate the risk of thermal or mechanical damage to the parts.

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