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Green Cleaning solutions for machine parts and tooling in the nonwovens industry

This fall, production processes for nonwovens are again the focus of the upcoming INDEX 20 exhibition in Geneva. From October 19th to 22nd, SCHWING Technologies (booth 4327) will focus on thermal cleaning solutions: the Company will present its optimized Green Cleaning solutions for removing polymer from large, contaminated components for nonwovens production. Up to six-meter-long components, such as melt-blown and spunbond dies as well as spinnerets, no longer need to be flipped – using double-sided, alternating Schwing ultrasonic units. The optimized process saves manpower, shortens cleaning times, reduces machine downtimes and thus increases the availability of plant components. The German specialist is the only company worldwide to offer complete solutions for the entire cleaning process of removing not only PET, PP and PE, but also other polymers.

New on INDEX 20: optimized cleaning process with switchable two-side sound
For the first time, Schwing is presenting its environmentally friendly cleaning shops with optimized post-treatment systems at this year’s INDEX 20. “Until now, the ultrasonic process required two work steps”, explains Managing Director Thomas Schwing: “Thanks to our new two-side sound, machine parts no longer have to be manually turned.” Savings on personnel costs, rapid use of tooling and reduced machine downtime are the advantages, the expert knows. The process minimizes risk of damaging dies. At the exhibition, Thomas Schwing will also provide information about the Company’s vacuum pyrolysis cleaning systems. The entire process, which takes about 8 to 12 hours, involves several cleaning steps, including thermal cleaning of components, subsequent high-pressure washing and ultrasonic cleaning. The drying phase is followed by a final inspection.

Cost-saving technology for environmentally friendly polymer removal
The fully automatic systems by the German specialist remove PET, PP and PE (as well as other polymers) and clean large dies and spin packs efficiently. Safe and material-friendly technology measures the precise temperature directly on the part and guarantees residue-free results – even inside mounted components or complex tooling. VacuClean system consumes very little electrical energy and is equipped with a special catalyst to treat fumes, protecting the environment. Further advantages are, apart from the easy installation of the system, its low operating and maintenance costs. Production of technical nonwovens benefits from the increased operational availability and service life of properly cleaned tooling.

Melt-blown dies before and after cleaning: An optimized cleaning process with thermal pyrolysis, two side sound and further post-treatment removes polymer residues from machine parts in the nonwovens industry

VacuClean vacuum pyrolysis system from Schwing Technologies removes polymer residues from spin packs, spinnerets as well as melt-blown and spunbond dies with lengths of up to six meters by thermal vacuum cleaning