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The German SCHWING Group is expanding its portfolio to include customized heat treatment systems up to 600 °C.

Neukirchen-Vluyn, August 8, 2022 (tp) – SCHWING Thermal Solutions GmbH is the new company in the internationally successful SCHWING Group based in the Lower Rhine region. Working closely with SCHWING Technologies GmbH, known worldwide for thermal and thermo-chemical process and system solutions, the heat treatment specialists develop and produce particularly effective, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly industrial furnace systems.

“We are pleased, with the founding of SCHWING Thermal Solutions GmbH, to open up new market opportunities that come from the targeted combination of various core competencies in the heat treatment of industrial goods made of a wide variety of materials and in a wide range of industries,” says Thomas Schwing, Managing Director of the SCHWING Group. “Specializing in air recirculation industrial furnaces with application temperatures up to 600 °C, SCHWING Thermal Solutions GmbH complements our existing thermo-process technology portfolio in the high-temperature range and bundles our extensive experience as a designer of customer-specific heat treatment solutions.”

Temperature accuracy, consulting and application expertise

“The be-all and end-all of the systems is their temperature accuracy,” explains Oliver Lauth, managing director of the new SCHWING Thermal Solutions GmbH and a long-standing expert in heat treatment. “Our strength lies in achieving and maintaining highly uniform, homogeneous temperature conditions – no matter the layout and size of an industrial furnace.” Based on this experience and incorporating the extensive experience of SCHWING Technologies GmbH in process engineering with complex temperature progressions in different atmospheres, customer-specific requirements can now be met for a broad range of applications – e.g. from gradual heating to very rapid heating or cooling and quenching. And all this from a single source.

As one of the leading suppliers in special machinery and plant engineering, the SCHWING Group offers the highest quality in all stages of the value chain. The customer, with his product and his specific requirements, always stands at the center of the entire process and is advised competently based on the broad expertise in applications and processes. SCHWING’s development, design and production of systems is based strictly on all pertinent norms and standards.

Customized furnace systems to meet every need

The cross-industry experience of the SCHWING heat treatment experts, combined with the well-grounded technical skills and resources of the SCHWING Group, enables almost any furnace design and construction for the most diverse material applications, processes, and industries, with process temperatures of up to 600 °C. “In this way, we offer the market new possibilities for especially effective and energy-efficient thermo-processing applications from a single source – all to handle varied materials, such as plastics, metals, composites, and a wide variety of processes, such as drying, tempering, hardening, tempering metal/NF metal, preheating, solution hardening, etc.,” says Lauth.

Further information on construction methods and design procedures, applications and much more can be found at

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